This is so Dumb! LLC is a lifestyle clothing brand that I founded in January of 2023 and solely operate.

I started the brand as a passion project to have an outlet for my ideas that did not fit in with what I produced professionally. Over time I noticed that the only thing that separated my ideas from good ideas was that they were "dumb". 

Dumb is a social construct; social constructs are only represented by the energy they reflect.

Dumb was a word used against me like a weapon a lot growing up. No one wanted to watch me do things my way, because my way wasn't just efficient but it was also creative and more enjoyable.

If dumb were reflective of me, it would still be a weapon. Dumb would mean enjoyable, confident, intelligent, resilient, and important. So that's what I did, I made the “This is so Dumb!” brand to reflect my qualities because, after all, it's a word people are comfortable describing me with.
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