As the proud owner of the ironically named brand, This is So Dumb!, I've leveraged graphic design to create a unique and captivating marketing tactic for styling potential buyers.

Our approach to marketing goes beyond conventional methods; it's about cultivating an experience that is both personal and entertaining.

Our process begins by immersing ourselves in the client's lives and attitudes. We utilize social media accounts as mood boards. We then choose which products we display alongside our brand extremely strategically, from brands with similar quality and integrity as our brand to intentional price-point contrast. Although each look is individual to the customer, they share thematic similarities that are cohesive toward brand identity.

This strategy not only differentiates my brand, but fosters a sense of shared humor and personality, creating a bond with clients that goes beyond mere transactions.

In the world of This is So Dumb!, visual communication is the key to showcasing the uniqueness and whimsy that sets us apart from other brands and brings a smile and inclusion to our clients.

Created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
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